Phi Omicron Zeta’s Sisterhood Day Events

The Sorors of Phi Omicron Zeta are a diverse group of women with shared goals, experiences, or viewpoints.  Listed below are a few of the ways that we celebrate the sisterhood that binds us as one.

  • March 2012 Finer Woman Activity
  • May 19, 2012 Retiring Sorors were honored with a luncheon at Pappadeaux’
  •  June 2012 Volunteered at the Georgia Dome
  •  June 2012 Soror Underwood in her comedy skit in Atlanta
  •  July 2012 Divine Nine at Springfield Baptist Church
  •  July 2012 Movies and dinner at Uncle Julio’s
  •  July 2012 Phi Beta Sigma Brothers during the opening of their Conclave
  •  July 2012 Scholarship Luncheon
  •  August 2012 Rump and Roll Staking Rink
  •  August 2012 Movies and dinner at Mary Mac’s Tearoom
  •  August 2012 Back School Event
  •  October 2012 Hosted State Area Meeting
  •  November 2012 Prematurity Awareness Worship at Bethlehem Baptist Church
  •  December 2012 Stork’s Nest Baby Shower
  •  December 2012 First Annual Merry Blue Christmas Party
  •  February 2013 Soror’s Baby Shower
  •  February 2013 Finer Woman Activity