Phi Omicron Zeta Stork’s Nests Soar in Community Outreach

The Phi Omicron Zeta Chapter, serving the Covington and Conyers, Georgia area, has ended its first year of opening their Stork’s Nest with a bang (or maybe the better term is births). Opening on September 24th, 2011 and based at Rockdale Medical Center in Conyers, Georgia, we faced a few challenges in acquiring consistent clients in the community to take advantage of our program despite several community outreaches to OB/GYNs and attending health and community fairs to get the word out. So, Phi Omicron Zeta became creative and leveraged a current partnership we had with Newton High School in Covington, Georgia and a proposal was written to bring the Stork’s Nest classes to expectant mothers and fathers at the high-school level. This outreach benefited our community in that the teen moms tend to be less likely to seek prenatal care in their critical First Trimester, and this population may have challenges in finding transportation to attend our classes. The proposal was presented in June 2012 to the Principal and other Administrators of the high school, and was both wholeheartedly approved and appreciated; thus our mobile classes began at Newton High School in September, 2012.

Our Fall 2012 Newton High School Stork’s Nest classes were attended by five female clients. The expectant and new moms attended bi-weekly classes facilitated by trained Sorors, one of which is a Registered Nurse. The school provided our Chapter with a meeting room and access to projection equipment so that we could conduct our classes. Our Rockdale Medical Center Stork’s Nest equally began to build its client base, and we had two expectant moms who attended classes at that site. On December 15, 2012, we hosted our First Annual Stork’s Nest Baby Shower that was attended by 35 individuals including our Stork’s Nest clients, their family members, their guests, our fellow Zeta Sorors and our State Director, Soror Shaneesa Ashford.  Dr. Craig Lockhart, Principal of Newton High School, was also in attendance and gave a very inspirational speech to our expectant and new mothers and fathers that were in attendance.

Our Rockdale Medical Center and Mobile Newton High School Stork’s Nests continue to thrive in 2013, with clients expected to take advantage of our services at both locations.